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the Federation of Free Cities

The Federation of Free Cities began in 889 TM (the Temporus Mundane era) as a loose alliance between the various city-states of the west to combat the growing military power of the eastern empire. In the ten years since that time a council of representatives from each of the states has slowly grown in power, in particular within the last 5 years after an inter-state para-military project known as the Free Company initiative began. This Federal Counsel is composed of dignitaries and well-to-do citizens from each city-state and though much of its power is informal as the danger of the empire grows, so too does the counsels political strength.

Cities of the Federation

The Federation of Cities contains a remarkable diversity of culture given the city-states geographical proximity and long history of political and mercantile exchange. Humans from the Federation of Cities share 2 traits in common with the third trait being determined by their home city-state. Common traits amongst the men of the Federation are; Enemy of the Empire and Manna Sense.


An entire city built into and around a giant tree. Stories about that once the tree was green with life and bore fruit of an impossible size but those days have long since faded into history. Characters from Iggdrasyl get the trait, Vegetarian.


Silverfolk is the mercantile hub of the Federation and land based trade routes towards the western sea. As famous as Silverfork is for its unparalleled marketplaces, it is also notorious for its gambling and the extensive superstitious practices of its citizens. Characters from Silverfork get the trait, Very Superstitious (Money Savvy?).

Stonewall and Shorewatch

The two cities farthest north in the Federation are Stonewall and Shorewatch. Stonewall is literally built into and against the large wall built against the northern mountain range to prevent troll raids and Imperial attacks. Shorewatch is built at the eastern edge of the wall where the mountain range meets the gulf. Despite the fact that they are technically two cities they are treated as one by the rest of the Federation and, truth be told, their cultures are fairly similar. Characters from Stonewall and Shorewatch gain the trait, Weary Resolution.


A port city along the western seaboard of the continent, fully 2/3rds of the city of Westport is built on the sunken land bridge that once connected to Zealandia. The port city is ruled by the admiral of its naval fleet, a military force that, by law, all citizens are a part of. Characters from Westport get the trait, In the Navy.

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Here There be Monsters

Below are descriptions of the various wild places of the world.

the Shallow Sea


Three Mothers Mountains

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