A port city along the western seaboard of the continent, fully 2/3rds of the city of Wesport is built on the sunken land bridge that once connected to Zealandia. The population of the city is predominantly composed of men though on occasion dwarves from around the Federation settle here and stranger folk from around the world sometimes come to port.

Wesport is ruled by the admiral of its naval fleet, a military force that, by law, all citizens are a part of. All citizens of Wesport learn the basics of sailing by the time they have reached puberty and all sailors, regardless of their specific profession, are paid by the city itself and treated as naval officers. City born and foreigners alike are shown greater respect in accordance with their familiarity with sailing. Those who make their living off of the land are seen as inferior and second class citizens, though this is more of a cultural reality than it is a legal one.

Wesport and the Federation

Wesport has traditionally reserved all naval military officers for command of the city and its fleet, leaving only its non-military officers to participate in the Federal Counsel.


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