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The Glass Pyramid and the Undisciplined Eye

Searching for clues as to the nature of the locked power they had been sent here to unleash, the wrestling-warrior attempted to communicate with the automatons filling the city. The automaton spoke a language that none in the party could understand and, when speaking, strange letters would glow in the air beside its head. Thankfully for the heroes, the automatons also simulate body language and using body language and gestures and after a very slow interaction (the automatons continued to move sluggishly) the automaton led the wrestling-warrior to the city center and the black cube.

Other heroes followed the wrestling-warrior and upon coming to the black cube, several other automatons from around the city began to come as well. The automatons lifted their hands into the air and began to chant and sing in their foreign language. The herbalist-vintner attempted to mimic the automatons and, as he did, iridescent light began to waver about his hands. The automatons guided the herbalist-vintner to the black cube and as he placed his hands upon the stone, his hands erupted with prismatic fire. From where his hands rested on the cube cracks began to spread across the surface of the cube and heiroglyphs appeared in color. The heiroglyphs depicted… “insert text I sent in e-mail”. As the prismatic fire and glowing cracks grew across the surface of the cube, the pirate-dwarf took it upon himself to expedite the situation by charging the cube with his axe. Shockingly, this was not helpful.

The herbalist-vintner fell to the ground unconscious as the cube shattered into thousands of pieces and the pirate-dwarf was thrown backwards and to the ground, also unconscious. The heroes had no time to check on their fallen comrades, however, as the earth beneath them began to quake and a cacophonous sound rose from the ground. Beneath the black stone cube was a glass pyramid filled with crystalline diamonds that refracted a prismatic substance that appeared to be something between a mist and a fire. The energy flowed from the pyramid out into the glass tubing system that spread throughout the city.

Once the earth’s tremors had passed, the remaining heroes checked on their unconscious allies. Both appeared to be in relatively good health though the irises of their left eyes were shattered and separated from the pupil. The cruel priest prayed over the pirate-dwarf’s body and the pirate-dwarf’s eye was restored to wholeness. Immediately the pirate-dwarf awoke in existential pain at having been torn from a brief period of total transcendence. The pirate-dwarf left the others to explore the city and sulk that he had been disconnected from his cosmic experience.

Meanwhile, the herbalist-vintner had yet to awaken. The wrestling-warrior continued her attempts to communicate with the now fully functional automatons and she was led to a planetarium. There the wrestling-warrior interpreted the automaton’s signals to mean that as a result of the power they had unleashed, the black moon that hung in the sky would come crashing into the world. Somehow, the herbalist-vintner would be needed to prevent this from coming to pass.

As the herbalist-vintner awoke from his coma the party regrouped. The pirate-dwarf revealed a trinket he had stolen from the chest of a non-functioning automaton to the wrestling-warrior. The trinket appeared to be a complex mechanical device with a card depicting a youth dancing perilously close to the edge of a cliff. The pair surmised that these devices must somehow be used in the construction of the automatons. The wrestling-warrior told the pirate-dwarf to keep the object a secret (lest they rose the ire of the mechanical people). The herbalist-vintner quickly travelled through the various dojo-libraries of the city collecting books from each before the party began to traverse the now risen continent of Zealandia in hopes of finding their boat.


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