for Freedom and Federation

Prelude to Adventure!

The heroes assembled in the city of Wesport, a member of the Federation of Free Cities. In response to a growing threat from the Orc and Mannish empires to the west, the Federation has begun to boost its military ranks with Free Companies – organizations of adventurers who are given more leeway and creative compensation than the standing military in exchange for more dangerous and unpredictable work.

Having received orders that they are to sail to Zealandia with the cryptic mission of “unlocking the ancient power that rests there”, the heroes set about preparing for their journey. By researching various myths surrounded with the almost entirely sunken continent they discovered that the land was supposedly entirely created by wizards in an era long past. In addition, they learned that above water ruins on Zealandia are typically inhabited by strange metal and magic automatons. Finally, they learn that the Shallow Sea which sits between Wesport and Zealandia is home to many tribes of Sahuagin (sometimes called, Sea-Devils).

The dwarf pirate captained the vessel the heroes took to Zealandia and, sure enough, the crew met with a Sahuagin scouting party. The wrestling-warrior leapt into the fray and battled off the Sahuagin and the vessel continued its journey uneventfully until they beached beyond the shore of Zealandia.

Taking rowboats to the above water segment of Zealandia, the party discovered ruins within a days walking distance from the shore. There they found the automatons they had heard rumors of though the beings scarcely seemed aware of the heroes presence. Exploring the city the heroes discovered strange glass tubing running throughout the city and a massive black stone cube in the city center.


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